My Nursing Stories


I was told one that the difference between me and other people is that I tell my embarrassing moments and others keep it to themselves. The way I see it is if I am going to do something that is most un-cool I can at least use it as a good story. These stories are from the very first job I had out of the nursing attendant program.

1. I was so excited and nervous the first week of my first good job. I wanted to make a good impression with the staff and be a bright spot in the lives of my seniors I cared for. This day I was told I would have to give an enema to my client. I headed to room 114 with all the confidence I could muster with my warmed enema.” This was going to be the best enema he would ever have” I thought. When I informed him of my plans, he said “Well o.k. I don’t really know what this is about but you’re the nurse you know best.” “I hope I do”, I said to myself. I did the deed and walked him to the bathroom, shuffling, muttering, complaining and getting a little agitated. I think his reaction is odd because the girls told me he would be very co-operative and he always had enemas regularly. That’s when I looked at the door for his name and realized my client was indeed not on the list. Those European names look so alike. I certainly was a spot in his day but I’m not so sure it was very bright.

2. I am not taking full responsibility for this incident. We had a very small lady with a whole lot of spunk. She had a very small mouth and it was always a struggle to get her dentures in every morning. This is a fact. So on this particular morning my partner was having a hard time getting the dentures in so she asked me to help. The poor lady was not comfortable and after several tries we took a break for both our sakes and got her roommate ready for breakfast. Her dentures were not going in well either. That’s when we realized the evening staff put the dentures in the wrong cups!!! Moral of the story get your dentures identified!!

3.It seems dentures were me downfall. This client was to get up we were told by the R.N. He didn’t want to and was making that clear to me and everyone on the wing . I finally got him on the toilet and put his dentures in his mouth when it slipped….. Yes, his dentures landed in the toilet he was sitting on. One of the nurses hollered,” Karen is going fishing”! How awful!!! Those dentures where scrubed like new when I was done.

4. At report one morning after being on the job a few months we were told that Mrs. ? had not been doing very well during the night and was not expected to live for very much longer. She was not my client that morning but after a few hours I went into her room to hold her hand and pray for her. The lights were dim as she slept I took her hand in mine and prayed with her quietly. I also took her pulse which I could detect. It was my first experience with death and it was a somber moment. I went directly to complete the charts with the others girls and said as I sat down. “Mrs.? is not doing well at all”. “No”, said one nurse, “she died 15 min ago”. “Oh, I said”, not admitting I just took her pulse and thought I could feel it.

All said and done I really was a good nurse and brightened up their lives my nickname was Sunshine and they were sad to see me go.


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Thank you for stopping by. I am a wife, mother to three daughters and homeschooler. It`s my intention to encourage, strengthen and laugh with friends. If you were stopping by my home you would find a sink full of dishes, books and paper strewn about but plenty of seats available for extra guests and the kettle on for tea... I may need to be reminded a few times before the tea is actually brewed. I`m blogging to help me keep focused. I will post about parenting, marriage, homeschooling, homemaking, and I`m sure there will be a few trips to the sewing room from time to time. If you have a post idea or question please feel free to contact me, I will get back to you.

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  1. So funny, Karen! It brings back memories of a few “embarrassing” moments of my own when I worked as a nurses’ aid. I can’t tell them nearly as eloquently as you, though!


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