Thinking of Home



 When I was a kid the week leading to Christmas was just as important as Christmas itself. My five sisters and I would write the list of baking we “needed” to have in order to feel like it was Christmas. Then mom would have us do the baking as close to Christmas as possible or there would be non left for Christmas.  We would did last minute shopping, cleaned the house in preparation for grandparents, organize so in the hustle and bustle of activity we would not waste time looking for things. It was fun, exciting and caotic to be sure. I miss preparing for Christmas with my family but it is fun to make my own memories with the girls. And the girls like nothing better than to bake. So this morning I did some baking too actually it was re-baking. Yesterday the girls and I made nanimo bars that were way to sweet consequently, I wouldn’t let anyone eat them. I took the layers apart! That’s right the chocolate on the top was used for the drizzle on the short bread, the filling will be the made into frosting for Jesus Birthday Cake, the bottom are Delicious bars with a skift of yellow frosting. I also made heart attack truffles last week that I wouldn’t let Jason eat so those to were re-baked into chocolate thimble cookies.  What fun, double the time spent baking, but not double the baking!!!  

Mom and Dad are going to my sisters this Christmas. It will be different for them. The extra space in the basement has been converted into a family friendly bed and breakfast. They are providing an opportunity for families to take a break by skiing in the mountains of British Columbia who might not otherwise find affordable, child friendly lodging.  

As time marches on I manage the christmas preperation at home, my kids develope their own memories of Christmas,  and my parents are the visiting grandparents.  


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