Monday’s Conundrum’s


On Monday I try to organize, clean, and make banana bread, (the husband say’s he NEEDS banana bread every day). Last night however, I was given a few minuets of no children to complete the mountain of laundry. I was feeling pretty good this morning having all the children’s cloths put away and plenty of undergarments for “little accidents” roughly 20 undergarments that ought to do me a few day’s. So you can imagination my surprise when I opened the top drawer this morning to find all the socks and panties gone (O.k., o.k. I said the word, panties). Gone, where could they have disappeared to? There is a child safe clip on the drawer so Sunshine could not have taken them, could she? I began looking in all the logical places. “There has to be a logical explanation for this”, I thought. So I looked in the kitchen set, in all the tubs lying around the living room, my kitchen drawers, and the toy box, not there! I was going out this morning to visit a friend,  and I needed panties  for,” just in case”, it was then that I realized that the back door was not closing properly. I had to really push it closed several times to engage the lock. Now I began to wonder, no, could it? Was the door open last night and someone actually come into my house, creep into my bedroom and took her panties and socks? “This is absurd; I am totally loosing my mind” I chided myself. I have to stop watching CSI, and Criminal Mind. I left a message on my husband’s answering machine, “Where are all of Sunshine’s panties and socks?”  I asked, then hung up and went to my friend’s house. There was a nagging feeling of unsettlement which didn’t go away especially after she told me her house was broken into, not one but twice! “This is silly,” there is no reason why the my husband would take them? Losing, missing things gets on my nerves.

Finally, he called. “Oh, I took all Sunshine’s panties out of our room b/c we need them too many times when Joyful is sleeping. I forgot to tell you that.”   

 “Oh- that’s a good idea, I wasn’t too concerned.”

Organization and communication are two important keys to living together in harmony. My only strategy for communicating is eliminating arguments about where things are by working at organizing. One of my favorite tools is the shoe pocket.


It is behind the door so when we come home the wallets, gloves, spare change, cell phone, spare H clip for car seat, mittens, socks well  anything that I might need to grab on the way out the door or to get out the door. In the summer the girls will put their shoes in the pockets.

I had to cut off two rows of pockets to make it fit under the light switch so….  img_3608_2_1.jpg

We have it beside the washing machine holding the cords for recharging the walky-talky, cell phone, electric piano, and it is the perfect fit for stain remover sprays like shout. What are your favorite organizing tools?  What strategies do you have to get out the door peacefully? Although, I have these items at the door, it is still a challenge to get the girls dressed and out. So tell me how do you get your children dressed and out. Please, I need your help.


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  1. great idea! i am definately going to use are an organizational guru..or at least someone also used to living in under 1000 square feet with 4 people! i salute you my friend!!


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