Family Friday


   It’s a snow day,  we meet our neighbors on the side walks as we shovel our space, we hunker down indoors while the mittens, hats and coats dry off for another trip to… shovel the side walks. Oh, what fun, I love snow day’s and rainy day’s! I find it inspiring to be creative, bake, eat, read, and play with the girls and have snowman soup. And I get to have my man home to play with the girls too. Interesting what the man comes up with to entertain. Who would have guest he was so talented with poetry!!Here he is rhyming with Joyful and Sunshine


“Patty cake on you toes,

 Patty cake on your toes,

 Patty cake on your toes”


“Now I kick you in the head?”


“Patty cake with your toes,

Patty cake with your toes,

Patty cake with your toes”


“Now I kick you in the Mouth”

So much for, “No hitting”

Ya, a  snow day…. fun blanket forts, img_3631_4_1.jpg

good food, and some rhyming. I guess I will be spending next week teaching, “No hitting”.  What have the men in your life come up with to entertain kids?  Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, I can’t wait to see  the commercials!


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Thank you for stopping by. I am a wife, mother to three daughters and homeschooler. It`s my intention to encourage, strengthen and laugh with friends. If you were stopping by my home you would find a sink full of dishes, books and paper strewn about but plenty of seats available for extra guests and the kettle on for tea... I may need to be reminded a few times before the tea is actually brewed. I`m blogging to help me keep focused. I will post about parenting, marriage, homeschooling, homemaking, and I`m sure there will be a few trips to the sewing room from time to time. If you have a post idea or question please feel free to contact me, I will get back to you.

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