Compassion Sunday


We woke up 30 min before we had to leave for church with and the forecast was calling for freezing rain, not an easy 3o min drive to and from church but the alternative was to entertain the girls all day indoors.  So I had everyone out the door in 3o minuets flat. I even got the chance to brush my teeth and have two bits to eat before marching the girls to the car. But the trip was short lived because the car was covered in ice so… another indoor day. I am beginning to feel cagey. But I am not going to bore you with the weather.

I really wasn’t going to post anything today until I read a post from Rocks in my Drier…… (I just got pulled away by my little Joy. She came to me, took my finger and directed me to her crib!!! Oh these girls are such a delight, most the time. ) Anyway, I was telling you about a blogI was reading, Shannon, from Rocks in my Drier, she has been in Uganda for the last week with 14 other bloggers visiting a few Compassion projects and blogging her experiences. Compassion is an organization that helps poor children and their families by education, bible teaching, food, and medical intervention. They find people to sponsor one child who then can be included in these programs.  Shannon was touring a HIV/AIDS hospital and I want to encourage you to click over to read this post and consider sponsoring a child or another child. These mother’s are loosing their children, husbands are loosing their wives and children are loosing their parents and a society is loosing leaders. The educated citizens are dying leaving children to be raised by themselves consequently their legal, medical, spiritual and political systems are left with devastating results. We are part of the problem if we are not part of the solution. It is not guilt that I am drawing you to feel it is conviction, “guilt paralyzes conviction motivates” is what I was told once.

If your family could spare 35$ a months it would mean the world to another family. My dad ( who is coming to visit by the way) has been involved with Compassion for many years now and has visited a Compassion site. Your money will go directly to the one child that you are sponsoring. Do you have a sponsor child? How has your sponsor child influenced you?


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Thank you for stopping by. I am a wife, mother to three daughters and homeschooler. It`s my intention to encourage, strengthen and laugh with friends. If you were stopping by my home you would find a sink full of dishes, books and paper strewn about but plenty of seats available for extra guests and the kettle on for tea... I may need to be reminded a few times before the tea is actually brewed. I`m blogging to help me keep focused. I will post about parenting, marriage, homeschooling, homemaking, and I`m sure there will be a few trips to the sewing room from time to time. If you have a post idea or question please feel free to contact me, I will get back to you.

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