Is there a birthday in the house?


 Oh ya, and that means cake and that also means that I don’t have to cook supper!!! My Francois is turning 30 today and birthday’s are so great because this cheep Dutch girl has kept her eye’s and ears wide open and picked up the scoop on what restaurants gives a freebirthday dinner. So tonight we are heading out to eat.  He celebrates another year and I celebrate going out to dinner, too bad he couldn’t have more birthdays so we could go out for dinner more often. But I still made a cake, of course . I love making  cakes. Today’s birthday cake is a 4 layered cake.  Carrot Coconut, Mmm, Mmm, Good.

Have you ever had trouble cutting a cake horizontally with a knife? I have, plenty of times, I just can’t seem  to cut it evenly and the cake becomes a crumpling tower of Pisa. But I found in a cook book somewhere how to cut a cake with no fuss and have a lot of fun too. Use string.

Just cut a piece of string and place it around your cake where you want your cut, cross the string  like you would if you were going to tie a knot (But don’t tie a knot, of course) and pull.

img_3714_1_1.jpg        img_3715_2_1.jpg 

img_3717_4_1.jpg       img_3718_5_1.jpg

Like this.

It’s so fun that I make layered cakes as often as I can just so I can cut the cake, OK I might also like the extra frosting that comes with a layered cake but cutting a cake with string is fun. Which brings me to my next point, frosting. 

The frosting for this cake came from the filling from my re-baked Nanaimo bars remember them? I whipped the filling up really well, added ½ teaspoon of coconut extract, and  125 g of cream cheese (carrot cake without cream cheese is very, very wrong!!) and when  that was nice and smooth I added one tub of cool whip by folding it together with a wire whisk.  (Did you know that? A wire whisk is the best tool for folding ingredients together, works like a charm. See I’m full of good information)  and BAM you’ve got yourself a nice cake topped with toasted coconut ( Just add coconut to a frying pan stirring it  all the time until it is a nice golden brown) . Now you have it, or rather I have it but you can have it too if you want to.


And now I have to go home. (This morning Sunshine came too show me something and found me reading a blog she said, “Mom come back home”…… Ya, blogging is a break from home isn’t it? That’s why we do it right? O.k I’m comming back home. Have a good day and if you have it in you to comment than I won’t stop you. I can’t think of a good question to ask for this post so I’ll just ask you to comment.

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  1. I learned a lot about what you showed us with your cake. What a great idea to toast your cocoanut in a pan. I have never done that. To make it so your cake isn’t crumbly when you go to frost it put it in the freezer for 15 minutes and the crumbs settle right down. Where on earth do you find restaurants that have free dinners on birthdays? Here in Utah many resturants give a free dessert, but not dinner.


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