Socks, Socks, Socks


 It has become my plight in life to struggle with socks, growing up with five sisters I never had my own socks, and with eight in the family I was happy just to find a matching pair. Our family had an entire laundry basket full of socks (mostly unmatched) I would rummage through the basket most day’s (unless I hide a pair or too from the others) to find something for my feet. My Grandma would shake head disapprovingly, when she came to visit, “Tut-tut-tut, you girls, how can it be so difficult to keep your socks together? You take them off at the same time, put them in the laundry at the same time and take them out of the laundry at the same time, don’t you?” We tried to convince her that there was a sock monster in the washing machine but she would hear none of the sort.So now I have my own house. I still have miss-matched socks only not an entire laundry basket full. And I can live with the reality of mish-matched socks, but what I can not live with is struggling with a toddler to put her socks on. It is hard for children to coordinate their fingers to pull on socks only to have them twisted or upside down and have to re-do the task. But what I have discovered, quite by accident, is that when the socks have pictures on each side or on the front of the sock they know where to grab and can pull the sock on.


Also, buying socks that are a little too big will also help. In addition, I leave a pair of socks for each child in my shoe pocket by the door so I am not running back and forth to the bedroom to grab a pair of socks.  Now, if I can only keep these socks together, that would have  made my Grandma proud.  For me, it is struggling with small tasks that tire me out, there are so many other matters to be concerned about when raising children like holding hands while crossing a street or not pulling hair, I don’t want socks to cause discourse or conflict. I wish I knew that a simple picture could make all the difference to help her put her own socks on; it would have saved me a lot of time and back bending.

Karyn for you – the lost princess

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  1. I’ve been trying to encourage my toddler to put on her own socks. It sounds like this might help!

    My “works for me” tip this week is about socks, too. I’m not sure how to keep them together in the first place, but I’ve found a pretty good method of getting the stray ones back with their mates! 🙂


  2. Excellent idea!

    We’re trying something at our house, speaking of socks. I believe it is “Hanes” that is making color coded socks now, and I bought new packages for those of us who were lacking socks. Mine have a pink strip across the bottom of the toes. My dd’s have a yellow strip, and ds’ have a blue strip. That makes it easier to find the match in the laundry basket.

    Also, when I take them off to put them in the hamper, I double them over so that they’re attached to each other. Then I just have to remember to unfold them as they go into the washing machine. A lady at my church also recommended teaching our children (and hubby’s) to safety-pin the socks together as soon as they take them off, so they stay together until they come out of the wash. It’s a good idea, but I haven’t implemented it yet.

    Thanks for the great tip! 🙂



  3. I can SO RELATE! Seth and I have a HUGE pile of unmatched socks. I’ve heard of the safety pin thing too, but have never tried it. It’s seems to be too much work at the time! Seth wants to get just all one colour, same size socks for the boys, but I like the variety of different ones. I might cave in however because the mis match pile is growing by the day!

    Great to talk to you the other day on the phone. I love hearing about all your ideas and stuff Karen. You certainly are creative and always thinking!



  4. I keep a “sock orphan” bucket on top of my dryer. If there’s a sock with no mate, I throw it in the bucket. If they’re still lonely and single after about 6 months they become dustrags.


  5. My sister bugged me for years to try the safety-pin thing, and I just recently caved in (but only because she gave me a box of pins and I felt obligated!). Believe me, it works – you’ll never go back to mismatched socks again! I am hooked (and so are my socks)! [k]


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