The trip that still haunts me- the last part


 OK this is the last part of my story, “The flight that haunts me still” If you have not read the other two sections you can go here and than here to read them.

 After a lot of thought I chose to give Sunshine a small dose of anti nauseous medicine before I boarded the plane.   As we boarded and I was filled with anticipation to end this long day and I settled into our seat waiting for sleep to overcome Sunshine.  The whole day was an adrenalin rush and I looked forward to a few hours of undisturbed TV time.  I had no idea that during the next four hours my disturbed mind would have traded having root canal than continue on with this flight.

 Sunshine was fidgety, uncomfortable and squirming before we were even in the air, more than usual. Other passengers were already commenting, “Flying is hard for children, maybe she will sleep”.

Just when I thought  we would have three seats to ourselves, a grandpa figure took the isle seat. “I hope he likes children” I thought as he settled into his chair. I was already getting the feeling that this was going to be a squirmy ride. Sunshine has just been introduced to her great Grandpa and had been calling him “Baba”. So every man with gray hair was called “Baba”, including our new flight companion. It soon became clear that this man was by no means a child friendly “Baba”. My first clue was when he mumbled a greeting and didn’t acknowledge the growing concern in my corner. Then throughout the flight he would open his large bag of licorice and eat one or two pieces. Of course it was during any rare moment that Sunshine settle that he would choose partake of his snack.  It was as though he purposefully crinkled the package loud and forceful to announce to my toddler that he was about to have another piece of candy, and of course, he didn’t share. This continued for the entire four hour flight.   

When the plane took off the power of the plane pulled Sunshine’s body into mine; her screams of protest could be heard above the thunder of the plane and I got an idea.

“Oh ya, I came prepared” I thought to myself with a little smirk. I waited until I could lunge myself forward and reached for the baggie of dry cereal.

 “Got it”, “pull” and…. You’ve got to be kidding!!! The bag was upside down and the handy-dandy zip-lock, un-locked!! I kid you not, dry cereal went flying all around me, it was everywhere!! “Baba” did not flinch, did not look, and was not amused.  I was not amused; most of my quiet-bribing snack had fallen into the nooks and crannies of the seat. I grabbed a barf bag to collect what I could; if bad came to worse I would have to give it to her anyway, fortunately there was a small amount remaining in the bag. Sunshine was now crying and squealing for water.

“Very good, because this momma was thinking and brought a convenient rubber made water bottle” I said to myself (And yes, when I need some moral support I really do talk to myself like this don’t you?)

So I pulled out the rubber made container, you know the one with the flip up spout. I flipped up the spout and who would have guessed, this trip was quickly becoming a scene that I would expect in a movie, like “Family Vacation” or something.   When I flipped up the spout, water  came spewing up like Old Faithful, my goodness it was a geyser and it wouldn’t stop because I had already handed it to Sunshine. I grabbed it back from her and closed the lid. (Note to self: unscrew the top first because the cabin pressure causes disturbing scientific consequences)  She was sitting on my lap so now we were both wet and the seat that separated us from “Baba” was wet too.   He was thanking his lucky stars that a seat separated us from him.  I grabbed another barf bag and pulled out all the napkins that I could find from my bag and began mopping up the mess. (At least it was water). We were a mess I’m telling you, dry cereal, stuck to all the wet parts of our cloths.

The rest of the tripe was holding Sunshine as she spun, twirled, threw fits, in my arms, on the spare seat and on the floor. Anytime she was quiet and beginning to settle, that’s right…. rustle, rustle, rustle went the licorice bag and I would be at it all over again working to settle her. So note to self and anyone else who happened to get directed to this story.

1. Anti-nauseous medicine may not calm your child but rather act as a stimulant. Who would have guessed? (Well my sister, that’s who, and she forgot this little bit of information when I was discussing the merits of giving it to Sunshine in the first place.

2. Rubber-made water bottles need to be de-pressurized by unscrewing the lid before flipping up the spout.

3. If I had been able to think clearly for a minuet I would have talked to the stewardess about offering “Baba” a different seat and both of us would have been more comfortable.

4 repeat to your self, over and over again, “This too shall pass. This too shall pass”. Eventually you will either believe it or the moment will pass…. I said eventually.

4. Plan, Pack and Pray flying is a means to an end like labour

So with that all said, “Have a good flight”.

I have since come up with a few ideas that help with flying with children which I posted yesterday as well  several comments were made by others addeding their suggestions.


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