Cleaning up after the winter


We’ve had a long winter here in Ontario, Canada but there is still 4 feet of snow at my parents home in British Columbia and they recently had a snow storm; phew, I’m glad I’m not there. The girls are outside everyday making delicious treats  out of dirt, leaves,  and rocks while making a lot of laundry for me to do in the evening! But the laundry is a small price to pay for the many hours of entertainment that the out doors provide for them.

Oh, how I love the extra space out on the deck and the sensation of freedom after a long winter of hibernation. To see my neighbors again, and put away the winter coats and boots. I can breath!!

The girls and I are having picnics on a blanket every day  which suprizingly cuts down on dishes and mess. I serve everything on a cutting board, and shake off the blanket, wallah lunch is over one bread board, three cups and no table, chairs or rug to clean up. I’m telling you I’m a genius, if I say so myself! 

However, with the nicer weather also comes the shorts, skirts and eventually the bathing suits. And while I am not inhibited by any of these summer cloths, I begin to contemplate  the kick off to the four times a year that I will undertake the task of de-hairing my legs. I just have so many  more  interesting  things to do than spend  time in the shower shaving my legs, so I don’t . For several years it was a yearly event. One year I  found a split end on a hair!  Another year I was in my sisters wedding party which required a short dress with bare legs, it was my gift to her,  thoughtful don’t you think?  

I have tried several method of taking the hair off, a package of razors, that took a very long time, cutting the hair short with scissors then razors that cut off some time but still required 4 razors and a vacuum. A few times I would use the flip-up on my husbands electric razor then use a Bic, that worked pretty well but still too many steps.  I did warm wax and sugaring, that was a sticky mess and I would inevitably burn at least one patch of skin. No, the best solution I have found is,”parissa” wax strips two steps- wax, wash, and done.

So that’ what I did. The big clue that the inevitable had to be done was when I went bike riding and thought  a tissue dropped out of my pocket and brushed my leg when, in fact, it was my leg hair blowing in the wind. Winter is officially over, my friends, I’ve de-haired my legs, now for the sun to reach to the west and warm them up a bit. 



About karynforyou

Thank you for stopping by. I am a wife, mother to three daughters and homeschooler. It`s my intention to encourage, strengthen and laugh with friends. If you were stopping by my home you would find a sink full of dishes, books and paper strewn about but plenty of seats available for extra guests and the kettle on for tea... I may need to be reminded a few times before the tea is actually brewed. I`m blogging to help me keep focused. I will post about parenting, marriage, homeschooling, homemaking, and I`m sure there will be a few trips to the sewing room from time to time. If you have a post idea or question please feel free to contact me, I will get back to you.

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  1. Hi Karyn,

    Thank you so much for your positive review on our product in your blog. It’s so nice to receive customer comments be it good or bad and we greatly encourage it.

    For your loyalty and dedication, in addition for going the ‘extra mile’ for Parissa, if you email me back your address I’d be happy to send you a little gift as our own way of saying thank you!

    I look forward to your reply. Have a great day!

    happy waxing!
    Liezl of Parissa 🙂


  2. Wow, Karen, I feel a LOT better now about my own shaving habits!

    I went through a few years not shaving all winter. This year, I was swimming for exercise, so shaving has become an unfortunate chore – once a week or so.

    So last night, I actually bought a new razor, since I have given in to keeping my leg hair short. UGGH. THEN I started thinking about all the waste we create – used up razors, empty shaving gel cans, Oh MY! Now I have a bit of a guilt complex about “joining the crowd.”

    Oh well.

    Enjoy the nice weather and stick to your simple way of life. Picnics are a great way to cut down on mess and have family time!


  3. Hey Karyn how are you, long time to talk, thinking of you though. I was reading your posts, and can’t beleive you posted a link to “Charlie bit my finger” my kids love that too, we say it all the time, even Bobby (2.5) even is reciting it in a squeeky voice. It’s too funny.

    Shaving: haven’t done it for years, advantages of a European husband 🙂


  4. heehee!
    i absolutely can relate!
    and unless there is a weding this summer-i am actually anticipating the feeling of the wind in my hair: on my head and on my legs!!
    I love you Karen-you make my day!
    I am drinking a cider and thinking of you!!


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