Walking in the rain



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As a child mom made rain and snow  storms into  an adventure and party. She excitedly flung open  the curtains and called us to watch the storm  and wind howl. When we finished our school work she would  teach us baking  and cooking skills.   The louder the cracks of  thunder and lightning  that lit up the sky the better it was as our entertainment.

The weather report  came to my slumbering sisters and I via the songs dad would sing.  “It’s beginning to rain, rain, rain hear the voice of the Father”. Do you know that song?      ” There shall be showers of blessings”.  He never complained about the weather despite how uncomfortable it  made his outside jobs.   He  decidedly headed out into the weather saying something like , “Well, it’s still the day that the Lord has made.”  He also  reminded us to be careful about questioning God for  His weather choice as though we might have more wisdom that God. It stuck with me.


So Like my mom, I often warm our home with baking and sometimes dinner, ( much to hubby’s disdain that dessert comes first and there may be no dinner) enticing the girls  to come closer to me in the warm kitchen  and enjoy the camaraderie that the storms provide.   And like my dad I typically don’t complain about the weather. But realistically  I’m protected from its uncomfortable side.


Children also love the rain , likely its their strong  magnetic  pull towards any thing that creates a mess for their  dear mothers to clean up.  As moths  are  drawn to  a light bulb so are  children pulled to  water and mud.  Unless of course they  are caught in the rain walking home from the grocery store, library or moms group.  Then they stand there  wailing their heads off .”I’m too tired”, ” I  can’t walk”, ” Pick me up” and on and on they lament  coming up with  excuses for standing there in the heat, wind, rain or snow while , mom’s blood sugars drops  and her patience evaporates . Kids  can be so immature !

As  exasperating as these experiences could leave me I  valued how weather  provides opportunities to teach  a few points with the girls.


  • To be flexible.  Weather changes plans and I think it’s the perfect scenario  to walk though with  children despite our laid out plans the Lord is in charge.


 “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps”  Proverbs 16:9


  •  Experiencing  discomfort produces empathy.  As we  walked home in rain, snow and wind, instead of complaining I’ve encouraged the girls to pray for those who do not have a warm home, dry cloths, food and  family.  I’ve reminded them about  a character from a book we’ve read together pondering how she or he must have  felt.


  • To Persevere, the only way I know  how a person can learn perseverance is by persevering. Of course children need lots of encouragement, hand holding and pick ups.  I want the girls to realize  they  often have more stamina than they first  believed of themselves. Using accurate vocabulary like persevere will hopefully help them understand the concept of these words which will help you communicate with  them in different situations such as picking up the toy’s and school work  when the time comes.


  • Complaining doesn’t help.  By redirecting the complaining and enticing the girls into conversations they  slowly begin to realize  that complaining interferes in their ability to persevere  efficiently and attitude is everything.


 HOWEVER, when  your stuck  have way between places non of the above teaching opportunities are going to actually help you get home. 


  • Always bring a snack with you, I save Halloween  candy packages to divvy up while on outings. I will offer one candy and then use the rest as a reward when we get to a marker. The advantage of a small piece of candy is it boosts the blood sugars quickly and it doesn’t make everyone thirsty like a granola bar does if you don’t have water.
  • Bring water not juice, or  pop.
  • Have your child walk as far as she will,  before picking up. Jason and I witnessed a child complaining to her father about walking before they even left the building. The father asked her, (4 or 5 years old) do you want me to carry you for a while first?  Jason looked at me and said,”  Oh oh, dad’s going to be tired after carrying her all the way  home”.
  • Use  the strap on the side of your stroller or add one. the strap needs to be  long enough that your child is not kicking the stroller wheels but short enough that she is still beside you.

Your child needs to be comfortable . The length really makes a difference, please don’t require your child to hold her hand above her head it would be  so uncomfortable in that position  and she does   have something to cry about when she is getting pins and needles in her hand and arm from being held to high.   Or in a pinch have your child hold the bottom of your coat or pant leg .  My girls walked so much better when they were not allowed to lag behind.  My girls will still hold my purse, back pack or coat  when we are walking in a crowded, interesting location or the snow is blowing in her face. She can hid her face from the wind or she can concentrate on  looking around with out getting lost or left on her own lagging behind.

When a child is lagging behind  I  give one  or two reminders  that she needs to hold the strap or walk beside me.  I  told the girls  walking is about relationship as well as getting somewhere and when shes  lagging behind it hurts my feelings… I’m a mom with feelings too after all.


So enjoy what could be our last cold spell the sun is shinning the sky is blue.



















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  1. This week I had my 4 grandchildren here and the sun shone everyday! I was hoping for a rainy day so we could pull out rainy-day activities but instead we went forth and enjoyed the sunshine. Maybe next time they stay we can hunker-down inside and do crafts.


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