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Three reasons why I should continue to blog.





During the last week I’ve changed my mind   regarding the perfect post to re-enter a blogging habit. Each time I wrote the post in my mind I found a reason why I shouldn’t, so tonight while I was looking for my next show to watch on Netflix I decided.

                        “Just start somewhere “.

It’s been day’s, months no it’s been a year since I first started contemplating writing  my blog again. During that time I’ve come up with a varying number  of reasons regarding  why I should not blog.

  • I can’t get into the my account.
  • Then when I did the format was so different from what I remembered, I didn’t want to  navigate myself though the cumbersome task of re-learning…..
  • What do I have to write that someone has not written better already. Isn’t  it amazing how comparing ourselves to others success interferes with our attempts to reach out or do something?
  • Can I actually write anything  anymore? My thought process has been  eroded to one or two sentence Facebook posts.
  •  Can I  consistently blog  quality posts?
  •   Fear
  • I am not the perfect patient woman I would like to be, how can I create a honest and inspiring blog if my faults are so glaringly obvious.

So I have come up with three reasons to write.

  1. To activate my mind beyond the one or two sentence Facebook posts.
  2. For each of my glaring faults and pitfalls there is room to grow, mature and inspire. Quite possibly writing  may be the catalyst for my own growth.
  3.  Blogging is more productive than eating, watching Netflix and looking for DIY projects that I have little intention of actually doing.


I’m not going to get anywhere if I don’t start at the beginning .  So this is the beginning.

In the comments below share What are you beginning this week? And what obstacles  are interfering in your new beginning?