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Tuesday’s Tip



tulip Tuesday's tip

It’s a sweet one today, you will be whipping up the most delectable treats for your family and amaze yourself by your skill, speed and thriftiness. Maybe your husband will call you blessed…. but don’t count on it because his his mouth will be full and asking for more, CAKE. Yup, Cake and a lot of cake has been served up around here, as of late.

It’s my belief that recipes are  guidelines except with baking a cake. I learned back when I was 9 how to bake a cake and it was explained that alternating the flour and milk starting with the flour and ending with the flour was an important step not to be messed with. And I have not altered this method ever…. until recently.

Next time you make a cake,  cream your butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla as usual  then add all the milk, whip, add all the flour, whip  then at the very end add the baking powder and stir it in . The baking powder is last because it will start leavening the cake batter and you will get air tunnels in your cake if you add the baking powder with the flour.

For scientific research….insert laugh here, I was creating incentive to have the kids eat their dinners in a timely manner. I baked four cakes in 6 day’s.  Yup, it would have been a sweet time to drop in for a visit.

And today along with my tip I’m adding my one of my favorite recipes

Peanut Butter Cake 

1/2 cup shortening or margarine which is what I use

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

1/2 cup peanut butter

2/3 cup milk sour milk is great if you have it

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla


add flour


then add

2 teaspoons of baking powder

Bake at 350 F for about 40 min it depends on the size of baking pan my favourite is the pampered Chef bar pan it makes a nice thin cake and is especially nice when you sprinkle a cup of chocolate chips over the batter before baking…. no need for frosting.

So my question is Do you bakes a cake with this method already  and I’m the last one to know or have you been alternating the flour with milk like the recipe says as I previously have been doing?



Three reasons why I should continue to blog.





During the last week I’ve changed my mind   regarding the perfect post to re-enter a blogging habit. Each time I wrote the post in my mind I found a reason why I shouldn’t, so tonight while I was looking for my next show to watch on Netflix I decided.

                        “Just start somewhere “.

It’s been day’s, months no it’s been a year since I first started contemplating writing  my blog again. During that time I’ve come up with a varying number  of reasons regarding  why I should not blog.

  • I can’t get into the my account.
  • Then when I did the format was so different from what I remembered, I didn’t want to  navigate myself though the cumbersome task of re-learning…..
  • What do I have to write that someone has not written better already. Isn’t  it amazing how comparing ourselves to others success interferes with our attempts to reach out or do something?
  • Can I actually write anything  anymore? My thought process has been  eroded to one or two sentence Facebook posts.
  •  Can I  consistently blog  quality posts?
  •   Fear
  • I am not the perfect patient woman I would like to be, how can I create a honest and inspiring blog if my faults are so glaringly obvious.

So I have come up with three reasons to write.

  1. To activate my mind beyond the one or two sentence Facebook posts.
  2. For each of my glaring faults and pitfalls there is room to grow, mature and inspire. Quite possibly writing  may be the catalyst for my own growth.
  3.  Blogging is more productive than eating, watching Netflix and looking for DIY projects that I have little intention of actually doing.


I’m not going to get anywhere if I don’t start at the beginning .  So this is the beginning.

In the comments below share What are you beginning this week? And what obstacles  are interfering in your new beginning?


Where I am today


It’s all about the habits of our day that make up a life.

And that is what I have been thinking and pondering about the last few years.

Being actively thinking about what habits need to cease and what habits need to be developed. There’s a great many areas  in my life that need to be weeded out and replanted. I have work to do.

Since Christmas I have  been thinking about the Facebook habit and was spurned to action through the series ” the rage against the machine“( particularly the last three sermons) at the meeting house.  I have been thinking about my time usage, and the fluffiness of it’s content.

“But this is my social time”,  I thought. ” I can connect with people and still be with my family” I would justify and it’s fun entertainment.

But am I really connecting with people or only their screen persona?

I see that other people getting  lots of comments on their status why don’t I get comments on my status? Then I spend a few day’s feeling sorry for myself and being mad at people because I’m not interesting, blah, blah, blah. It’s too high school  and I hated high school.

Plus I have developed  the habit of formulating status updates all day long while I go throughout my day.

Am I developing a habit of shallow one sentence liners rather than formulating a thought out concept?

My screen time needs to be adjusted and I need/ want to be proactive about developing  my real personality and life habits.

So what about blogging?

I see blogging different than face book because there is more room to work out thoughts,  it requires  more creativity and I noticed that when I was blogging more regularly that I was a more productive parent and wife. It gave me a venue for accountability. But sure it’s still the screen persona.

It also helps with my face to face relationships because I don’t have to down load every topic that I have been working out in my mind  on the poor person to happens to be present once in a while and maybe I won’t scare the geezers out of them with my torrential flow of words.

How do you think that face book has enhanced  or influenced your face to face relationships?

By the way I’m not deleting face book, after all I’m addicted to it, butIi need to put some boundaries around it.

Have you put boundaries around your face book time?


This past October my mom and grandpa came to visit for a few weeks. It was a great privilege   to have my  85 year old grandpa as our guest. We did a lot of driving, showing him the country side of Southern Ontario, stopping  to have our simple picnics under autumns amber oak trees all the while being entertained by the girls antics.

Because grandpa is deaf  driving and site  seeing was a great way to connect.

However, I had a project that  I  needed some company to work on  and grandpa was just the person for the job. Grandpa  has done  quite a bit of upholstering.   So while some one went to work to pay for my life of leisure, we spent some time ripping apart this chair.

I bought it at a garage sale for $10 this past summer, and it was love at first sight.

I knew that with a new upholstering job it would be a stunning piece for any room in the house and for the kids  to read their books on.   It’s my  first piece, to put give me some experience for the wing back chair in my living room.

It turned out beautifully, don’t you agree? Thanks to grandpa, and my mom’s tutorship.

My grandpa would let me struggle for 30 minuets or so  on folding over a corner, over and over again then say, ” I think you need to staple this piece down first then that corner will fall into place like this, and of course he was right.  I’m pleased, so now I am eying  up the wing back.  Jason says leave it alone, but the gimp is coming off…. so we’ll see.

This is an exciting day!


Today, Jason bought me a serger for christmas!! I found it on Kijiji ( a  local internet classifieds site). i am making myself wait till christmas to read the manual and explore the machine. It is a brand new Kenmore. I mean brand new. They lady bought it a few years back with good intentions and never even turned it on. The power cord was still taped up in the plastic bag!

So here’s to me and figuring out how to use a serger. I hope I don’t lose a finger!!

Once upon a time, it was a shirt.


My sister gave me her shirt that never fit her properly, she figured that I was nursing so maybe it would fit me better. However, nursing or not nursing the shirt still gapped at the top.  So I made it into a dress, it was too cute a print to toss into the thrift bag.


I really like how it turned out.  She is so cute. I just love her so much.

They looked so happy, it is alway’s a picture moment when I see them playing nicely with each other.



Feeling a bit bloggy

hanging in her hammock

hanging in her hammock

I feel like I need to have a really good post to compensate for the months of neglect this blog has endured.  However,  I only have a few minuets before one of the three kids pulls me away.  Little Roo is  cooing in her hammock while I play at the computer. A beautiful arrangement I think

I am finding the adjustment to three children much easier than from one to two children.

 I am doing really well and I tell myself several time a day just how proud I am of myself!   I even took the girls sledding by myself with Roo in my baby trekker. (that is one handy dandy carrier my friends!)


My projects these day’s are less about sewing and making beautiful eye candy and more about entertaining the girls, making something to eat, and being a kind parent.

I have been thinking more vividly recently about how I behave which influences and effects how the girls behave. I know this is rudimentary butI feel that I need to make my relationships with my girls my creative project. 

With my second daughter I noticed that our parenting changed by being more organized and structured. We developed routines and rituals around meal time, naps,  and baths ect,   It was necessary to bring order  the chaos with  two girls I learned very quickly that I would lose my mind unless we had some structure to our day and lives.So my most valued tool was structure.

In developing these habits as parents we became better parents, now with the third child I am thinking less of day to day living and more of quality of living  more specifically, relationship. So relationship has become my day to day project. It’s much like knitting.

One, two, three  conflicts, an activity, take a deep breath and repeat yourself 1000 times each  phrase, “sit down”, “use your words”, “don’t grab that toy, ask for it”.  After an unspecified about of time they should grow up into functioning adults. I just hope they turn out better than my blanket did.

phew, I did it. Word press has changed it’s set up completely so I have to learn all over again how to use this new format which takes more time of course. Thank you all for checking back all these long months