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Where I am today


It’s all about the habits of our day that make up a life.

And that is what I have been thinking and pondering about the last few years.

Being actively thinking about what habits need to cease and what habits need to be developed. There’s a great many areas  in my life that need to be weeded out and replanted. I have work to do.

Since Christmas I have  been thinking about the Facebook habit and was spurned to action through the series ” the rage against the machine“( particularly the last three sermons) at the meeting house.  I have been thinking about my time usage, and the fluffiness of it’s content.

“But this is my social time”,  I thought. ” I can connect with people and still be with my family” I would justify and it’s fun entertainment.

But am I really connecting with people or only their screen persona?

I see that other people getting  lots of comments on their status why don’t I get comments on my status? Then I spend a few day’s feeling sorry for myself and being mad at people because I’m not interesting, blah, blah, blah. It’s too high school  and I hated high school.

Plus I have developed  the habit of formulating status updates all day long while I go throughout my day.

Am I developing a habit of shallow one sentence liners rather than formulating a thought out concept?

My screen time needs to be adjusted and I need/ want to be proactive about developing  my real personality and life habits.

So what about blogging?

I see blogging different than face book because there is more room to work out thoughts,  it requires  more creativity and I noticed that when I was blogging more regularly that I was a more productive parent and wife. It gave me a venue for accountability. But sure it’s still the screen persona.

It also helps with my face to face relationships because I don’t have to down load every topic that I have been working out in my mind  on the poor person to happens to be present once in a while and maybe I won’t scare the geezers out of them with my torrential flow of words.

How do you think that face book has enhanced  or influenced your face to face relationships?

By the way I’m not deleting face book, after all I’m addicted to it, butIi need to put some boundaries around it.

Have you put boundaries around your face book time?